Overshadowed Documentary Air Date announced on Sky Arts and general update.

Documentary TX Date

We can finally tell you that Kevin Lee Brown’s documentary on the life and career of Matt Deighton will premiere on Sky Arts on May 14 as part of their schedule for Mental Health Awareness week. We really can’t wait for everyone to see this, and we really hope you’ll help us share it around. We’re so grateful to everyone who agreed to take part, and are completely indebted to Kevin and his team at Mother Brown Films. There are some magnificent human beings out there who love music and those who make it, and they certainly fall into that category.

Live Streams

We’re currently looking into a series of live streams for Matt, one for each album. If we can make it work cost wise we’ll look to do that from The Forge studio in Oswestry where Matt recorded some of Wake Up The Moths with his good friend Phil Beaumont. We’ll keep you updated on that.


We’re delighted to be launching Matt’s first ever store with our good friends at Townsend who have been amazing in making it possible for us to press up in partnership with Karousel Buried Treasure all five of Matt’s solo albums since he left Acid Jazz. Preorders will launch on Monday 12th April, and each album will go to press once it reaches the threshold of orders needed to cover the pressing cost. A huge thank you to Paul Barton who has been absolutely amazing in helping us set this up; and Luke Arthur who has been brilliant in getting the store up and running for us. One giant, wickerman sized thankyou to Christophe Gowan for his help on the artwork across all five albums; and to Russ Hepworth-Sawyer and Jason Mitchell for their incredibly kind help with mastering. None of this would have been possible – genuinely – without their help.