Amazing press for Overshadowed!

Overshadowed receives amazing press and a fantastic build up in the papers this weekend for the premiere on Sky Arts this Friday, May 14.

We’re all ecstatic this morning after receiving all these photos from people who’ve spotted it. Thanks for sending them in, and thanks to Sammy Andrews and her team at Deviate Digital, we’ve seen the film get pick of the day or pick of the week in The Guardian, The Sun, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, The Observer, The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Radio Times and TV Choice, with the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday giving us our first reviews too, both at 4/5. Thrilled for Kevin Lee Brown, Paul Williams and their team. Now let’s hope lots of people watch it on Friday and fall in love with Matt’s music!

We just wanted to say another thank you to those fans out there who’ve been supporters of Matt’s over the years he’s spent in relative isolation with Clare in Wales. We’re determined to open up the world a little more to Matt’s incredible back catalogue – but really, all we’re doing what you guys have been doing for 20 years, which is shouting from the rooftop about a totally unique artist, and hoping people will have the time and space in their life to let some of his albums permeate into their listening world.

Congratulations again to Kevin, and his Mother Brown team inc Paul and Luke for their work on the film so far. We can’t wait to hear what you all think, and hopefully see you at a cinema screening, Q&A and a few tunes or two when the world opens up again properly.

Feels like a good day to snag yourself one of those rare Matt Deighton Sweatshirts! When they’re gone, they’re gone! We’re edging close to the number of vinyl sales needed to get the pressing activated, but there’s still a way to go, so do spread the word!

Overshadowed -Sky Arts May 14 – This Friday!